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17.05.2010 Facebook                           

Womanity: Woman of the week #7: Sabira Manek, talented interior designer and painter from Netherlands 

 Every week, discover an inspired woman who can serve as an inspiration to the Womanity community. Woman of the Week can be the portrait of a Facebook friend, the author of a blog we like to read, or a woman artist we have discovered on the web. It could be you!



24th April I was a Guest Presenter for Ladies Fuel at a One michelen star restaurant in Bloomendaal

If a picture could paint a thousand words, why cant I paint you? Can I not? I can... One of these brushes is for body painting.. which one I will explain later. I might be just a little nervous now..

Today I am taking you on a journey where I want to share with you a world of colous and vivid imagination. Around me are my paintings and my book 'I Am'.

Let’s start from the beginning I was no ordinary baby as I had a brush in my hand before I could even talk.
This worried my mum who decided to put drops of parrot’s saliva on my tongue...'speeksel' in dutch you call it? That did not work.
Instead I found myself whistling and playing and climbing trees with the boys. Whoa!

Let's call this Parrot’s saliva PS. It is like receiving a postcard from nowhere and it only says
PS.. Wish you were here.

I thought I would need PS today but it seems my heart is ripe and ready to be heard and to share it's magic with you.

I was born in Uganda of Indian origin. At 13 I found myself as a refugee knocking on England's door. My heart and childhood vision was different as I already knew back then that I would be knocking on the little big dutch doors of Holland. One day sooner or later it was to become my home.

The trauma of being uprooted at such an early age and the culture clash found me lost for words again.
I studied interior design and became quite a successful freelance designer working mainly with property developers in London.
I also had a couple of assignments in NY. I speculated in properties buying up old run down places, refurbishing and selling them on.

Besides that I also launched my own collection of designer bedlinen which became an instant success thru leading stores such as John Lewis, Selfridges and even Bijenkorf here in Holland. It was a concept I imagined would be from bed to perfumes.
That was a long shot though. I opened a shop in the Fulhan area in London but that was like running before I could walk and that quickly came to an end.
There is a time limit here so please ask me later if you wish to know more about the small downside of glorious material days!

At 26 I found myself in Amsterdam for the first time with child like wonder.
Was this the dream I had I dreamed as a child? Was it the the Nile where I was born? I felt at home was like a fairy tale. I continued between London and Amsterdam but eventually settled down here.

What I did not see was the huge roller coaster of emotions and a learning curve. I gave pieces of my heart away. It left some painful spaces for sure.
I picked up my brush for the first time since Uganda and painted to wash and dry the bitter sweet tears.

With my commercial sense I licensed these works of art as designs to Unicef for xmas cards and other paper and textile related products.

Colours and creativity became a whole part of me. I became a self taught artist fascinated by the ancient symbols and the invisible bringing them to life by using bold and passionate colours.

Creativity left no room in my world to learn' double dutch' as I found I could not SPEAK..not HEAR. I was blocked and not even PS could do the trick. I could only SEE colours..this was my universal language.

Today I am sharing this with you and I want to thank you all as my book is dedicated to the Dutch language for this very reason.

So with now one more really bigtime 'hole' in my heart, and hopefully the last, I came to confront myself to ask who am I. It became I AM as I looked at both my female and male aspect, like each one of us and learnt to embrace the two. (So ladies I say to you too..act like a lady and think like a man..that we walk our walk and talk our talk)

Along with this my love for astrology which is a blueprint of each and every one of us, and being naturally people curious, I was inspired to write my first book ' I AM' Heartworks.

My truth of imagination ran wild . I discovered that by taking the two opposite star signs they fit perfectly into the circle of the yin-yang symbol. A perfect whole and in unity.

So is it really possible to become friends with your opposite...your shadow? would take much time with all the making up and breaking up. I could help them with words to communicate. Ahhhh..I shall use famous quotations to depict each starsign personality just to give a helping end.

Whilst they are talking..let's play some other passion. A 'note for the soul' started with 'Love thy will be done' by Martika but it became a whole are listening to it is sensual, inspiring and thoughtful.

Rumi's poems have found space in this book as the soul searches for love. There are blank pages for the reader to create affirmations staring with Aries I AM and ending with Pisces to say I Believe. It is a book to colour your world inside and out...a true companion in this life of give and take.
We are here to invoke the magic of ' I AM'! IK BEN....

This is my gift to words, no longer with PS, my thoughts and my art to colour your life.

Do you know the Egyptian saying..Feel with the mind and think with the heart? It implies that our longest journey is from the head to the heart no longer bowing to the ego.

What are you thinking?
What are you feeling?

I am at the root of my inner and outer journey. This brush here is for my interior design days where i am restoring my temple and world of interiors. Here is the brush for the voice of your heart which begins its inner journey and heartworks. Both brushes to colour your outer and inner world and making it the life you live in your dreams.......

At the end I flipped a coin ..which ever way it falls it is ONE WHOLE..that.the two shall meet..It is written in the stars...
Thank you for listening to me as I have really enjoyed talking to you.